RAF Police Reunion for Honington Scuffers


I have been chatting to a few of my old pals from my days at Honington working for Flt Sgt Tom Barnes and Sgt Phil Cracknell (around 1988) and we decided to have a get together. I have had a chat with the Manager of the British Legion and he is happy for the business. There will be, as there always is there some entertianment on the night. The photo doesn't give the right impression of the size of the place it is quite big inside. I figure that 'out of season' accomodation in Stratford on Avon will be easy to come by and the place if you haven't visited before is worth a visit. So if five people attend or 55 it won't make any difference so if you want to come just add yourself so I can keep an eye on the numbers and let the landlord know. He has offered to put on some sandwiches.