Photographs of RAF Police Flights

It has been suggested by a couple of members that perhaps if old photographs were shown on the site, maybe a few memories will be jogged. I am perfectly willing to do this but there are conditions. If you can scan them yourself and then email them to me, then fine, but they must be in jpeg format and no bigger than 50Kb if possible (although I can sometimes reduce them if they are twice this size).

If you don't have access to a scanner then you can post them to me (address in the Directory) BUT I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post AND I will require postage and an envelope to return them to you. Obviously all details about the picture as well as your details will be required whichever way you chose to send them.



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From Phillip Gilasbey

Scampton C Shift Dogs 1975

From Jim Bew

Netheravon (Jan-March 1960).

From Marty Uden

Photo of 24PD Limassol-1962

 From Harry Renton

A photo taken Netherhavon late 1952

From John Chamberlin

3 assorted pictures, Basic Training, SI Course and the Gate at Laarbruch

From Harry Renton

 This photo was taken at Abu Sultan Egypt 1952-53.

Hoping someone may recognise themselves on it sadly so long ago I recognise everyone but cannot put a name except  Geordie Lamb.

And of course myself in full regulation RAF Police uniform with fully loaded Webley .38 revolver you will notice the correct stance and just dig that holster.

yes happy days.

From Alfred Bernstone

4 RAF Police District 1955

From Jack Kemp

4 photographs from my early days at Celle.

From Derek

Assorted pictures

1/ D shift RAF St Mawgan autumn 1990  

2/ On duty RAF Aldergrove 1986.

3/ Course 187 RAF Newton 1983  .

4/ The station feds RAF Saxa Vord 1988. The observant will recognise Scott Etheridge IS NOT holding a pint glass making this a rare photo! 

5/ A Stalker caught in the act. If anyone recognises him I'd appreciate his name.

From Matt O`Donoghue

Malta and St Athan 1978 and 1979

Dog Section Malta July 1978

From Dave Stevens

WO Chris Stephenson and FS Dave Burke being dined out - Int & Sy Sqn RAF Aldergrove 2002

From Kev Thomas

Assorted pictures from Kev


From Clive Lambert-Hutchinson

Here are a couple of pics from the Police Flight at 33SU, RAF Ayios Nikolaos taken around 1986.

This was taken outside the Comet Club


From Dave Swaithe

I came across this photo from my tour in Hong Kong (66 to 69) and wonder how many of those in the photo are still around. 

From Matt O`Donoghue

Malta 1978  Last dog demo

From Tony Skinner

I've attached a photo which I recently found of my flight passing out at RAF Newton 1984.

From Dave Jager

RAFP Rugby team from Feb 1999, taken at RAF Halton

RAFP NI Rugby Team 2002

From Steve Silver

1. This is my Basic course which passed out 16 Dec 70 from Debden

 2. Bishopscourt from 1977

3. A photo of a police club disco at Laarbruch circa 73/74

From Neil Wilson

Operation (Silver) Falcon was the name given to the protection of Prince Fiesal of Jordan whilst he under took his flying training with the RAF.

From Peter G Copp

Members of the Scotland & Northern Ireland branch had a display table at the RAF Leuchars Air Show on Sat. 14 Sep. 2002 and had a successful day handing out RAFPA membership Forms and selling badges etc to those interested

From Tony

A visit by the GCP to RAF Wildenwrath in 1988

From Alex 

 In the photo is Sgt Terry HOPKINS and Cpl Alex HANLEY with RAF LEUCHARS Trophy Case outside Main Guardroom circa 1955

From Paul

Photo of Laarbruch 'A' shift(QPD) 1993-94. Few faces on here people may recognise. I believe that some of them may still be in the job. If you can give me any leads will be great to here from them.

From Tom Morgan
After Initial then Provost training at Netheravon in 1952,I was posted to 123 Flight,Bishopbriggs. From there to,in 1953, No.5 PDC,RAF Lytham-St-Annes.  The attached,I hope, photo was taken outside the guardroom at No.13 Site,MTEat that station. I'm the one on the right. Tom Morgan is the name.  To my shame I can't recall the lad with me.  I'd be interested to hear from any of the Guardroom staff from that era if they're still around.

FromBill Edwards

Just thought that this photo may be of interest. It was taken outside the guardroom at RAF Episkopi in 1972.

From Nick Smith, RAF Northolt

Just thought I'd send in this photo of the Dog Section at Laarbruch around 1990. A lot of the faces are still around the RAF today although now in different ranks and specializations.

 From Alfred

This photograph was taken after we moved from 42H to Billets on the right hand side of the parade ground at Netheravon in 1952  I can only identify myself, second from right holding white webbing and Dennis Bowers on my left..  Maybe others can put some names to the others BODS.